Shipping & Returns/Warranty


Orders Typically take 3-5 Business days to go through processing

$7.99 For the USA, Mexico & Puerto Rico 

$13.99 For the rest of the world

Standard shipments will be shipped through UPS, FedEx or USPS Ground transport. We usually ship within 3-5 days Business Days of payment received.

How to Return or Exchange 

Did the product not meet your expectations (because of its appearance or a technical defect), within 30 days after receiving it? Contact our customer service and we'll send you a free return label within 24 hours and your money back Guaranteed! We want to make sure you get the best results! No questions asked!

6 Month Warranty

Our basic GigglesAdult warranty comes free with the sale of every product on our site. This 6 month warranty covers any product malfunctions or defects that are independent of your use ( for example: a loose or weak battery, a faulty product, etc.). Of course, if you lose, drop, break the product or damage it, the warranty will not apply.